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Prevention against coronavirus can save 1 million lives in Brazil

Gustavo de Paula
Por Gustavo de Paula,
CEO e Fundador da Asset School e criador do método de ensino Asset.
Publicado em 28 de março de 2020

Coronavirus: contagious virus can infect up to 187 million in Brazil, says British study.

Up to one million people can die in Brazil due to contagion by the new coronavirus, which causes the disease called covid-19. This is the estimate made by researchers at Imperial College, London, one of the most respected research institutes in the world.

The survey assessed the impact of the virus in 202 countries and concluded that preventive measures, such as social detachment, isolation of patients and diagnostic tests, can save 38.6 million people. In other words, the global mortality of the disease would be reduced by 95% in relation to the estimated 40 million deaths, if no country took any measures to contain the new coronavirus.

The number of 1.15 million deaths in Brazil is in a scenario in which none of these preventive measures are adopted to contain the spread of the disease in the country. The number of infected people would be 187.7 million, of which 6.2 million would be hospitalized and 1.5 million would be serious cases. The most optimistic scenario, with all the precautions taken and isolation of 75% of the population, companies and government, the number of deaths due to complications from the disease would be 44.2 thousand.

With isolation only for the elderly, the study estimates that Brazil would have 120 million people infected, among which 3.2 million would be hospitalized, 702 thousand would have severe clinical conditions and 529 thousand would die from complications of covid-19.

Considering partial isolation, which avoids both events and agglomerations, the number of infected people is 122 million, with 627 thousand deaths.

The study is signed by about 50 scientists. According to the researchers, the rapid adoption of proven public health measures, including testing, case isolation and greater social distance may contain the pandemic.

With all the preventive measures adopted, Brazil can prevent the death of 1.05 million people due to the new coronavirus.

“The results highlight that rapid, decisive and collective action will now save millions of lives,” says Dr. Patrick Walker, one of the authors of the study at Imperial College.


Source: https://www.time24.news/t24/2020/03/prevention-against-coronavirus-can-save-1-million-lives-in-brazil.html

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